SayWhat Video Dictionary

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A video dictionary for all the words you don't know


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SayWhat Video Dictionary is a collective dictionary that lets you look up definitions, and add new words and definitions other users don't know. All the definitions are added in the form of a video and must last 10 seconds or less.

The idea of SayWhat Video Dictionary is this: if you know what a word means, you have 10 seconds to explain it. Anyone can ask for a definition or record short videos to explain a word or expression.

For example, if a lot of people don't know what 'mojar el churro' means in Spanish and you do, you can select the request and record the definition in a 10-second video. Other users can then rate how accurate or clear your video is.

The app's interface is very well designed. It lets you check out the most popular definitions and look for the most interesting new videos. You can also search for specific words.

SayWhat Video Dictionary is a good idea that works great as an app. Thanks to this app you can learn tons of new words and idioms that might not appear in a regular dictionary. Best of all, you can contribute and form a part of this video encyclopedia.